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We owe the superior quality we offer to the creative efforts of our R&D team to meet your extraordinary and modern entry solutions needs.

Automatic Entrance Solutions

We offer safe, contactless entry and exit products for the automatic access system needs of commercial, industrial and residential buildings.

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Our Products & SolutionsOur Products & Solutions


Commercial Systems

Photocell doors or, in other words, radar doors are used at the entrances of commercial spaces in order to make the controlled entrances and exits of the pedestrian traffic where individual passages are made safe.


Industrial Systems

They are systems consisting of Industrial Type Sectional Doors, Fast PVC Doors, loading ramps and shelters and many similar doors required by Factory, Warehouse, Warehouse and Logistics centers.

Residence Systems

Automatic door systems automation group used in your detached house and site entrances, window or garage shutter systems such as sectional garage doors, automatic Barriers for your car park entrances, sliding and circular doors consist of.


Garden Door Systems

In the automation group, the security of your home starts from the outside, so we bring security to the forefront by automating the existing parking lot of your house, your site, manual sliding or circular entrance doors and making them remotely controlled.

Architectural Systems

There are situations where the classical automation system is inadequate or has no solution, our company has always produced solutions with special solutions for 25 years by your side.

Service and Maintenance

We continue to be your solution partner in automatic doors, photocell doors, sectional doors with our 25 years of knowledge, experience and experience, and thousands of customer portfolio.

Who are WeWho are We

Doorsan Automatic Door Systems

We started our activities in 1996 in the field of automatic door and access systems. Doorsan automatic door systems   aims to bring its service quality to world standards with the brands it represents .

Quality and Reliability

We provide high quality products focused on customer’s needs and at advantageous price.


Time-Saving Installation

Our models, which are designed for simple and efficient installation, also consist of a few simple steps for assembly and adjustment.


Easy Logistics

Solutions for stock value optimization and logistics management.


First Impressions are Permanent!

Turkey and the World

When automatic doors are selected, installed, and maintained correctly, they provide pleasant, convenient, secure access that tells your customers you care. The first impression is lasting, and automatic doors help you make a positive impression. Time to Meet with Safe and Comfortable Automated Transition Solutions.

Our productsOur products

Bahçe Kapısı Otomasyon Geçiş Sistemleri Ürünlerimiz
Mimari Grubu Ürünlerimiz:
Garden Doors
Bahçe Kapısı Otomasyon Geçiş Sistemleri Ürünlerimiz
Mimari Grubu Ürünlerimiz:
1996 yılında otomatik kapı ve geçiş sistemleri alanında faaliyete başladık. Doorsan otomatik kapı sistemleri temsilcisi olduğu markalar ile hizmet kalitesini dünya standartlarına ulaştırma hedefindedir.
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